Climbin Balloon Users Guide (2024)

Climbin balloon users guide.

Climbin Balloon Users Guide (1)

Storing your Climbin Balloon.

When you store your Climbin balloon, make sure to store it in a dry, dark place with constant temperature above 15° C. (59° F). If you store the balloon too cold, the latex will become stiff and is not flexible anymore. Sunlight will deteriorate the latex. So always store the latex balloon in a dark place. The latex that is used for the Climbin balloon is 100% natural and therefor biodegradable. Moist will speedup the biodegrade process. Always store you Climbin Balloon dark, dry, in constant temperature > 15° C. If your balloon is stiff because you stored it in too low temperature, you can make it flexible again in the tumble dryer for 5 minutes. Talk powder can help you storing the balloon dry.

Filling the balloon with air.

You first have to fill the Climbin balloon with air. The big Climbin balloon is so strong and thick that you can not inflate it with your mouth. It's best to inflate the balloon with a leaf blower that you will find in the accessoires section of this webshop. You can also use a normal electric leaf blower or a balloon pump. Don't fill the balloon too fast. Try to do it not faster than 15 minutes. If you do it too fast the balloon will not be completely round. And therefore not equally strong in all places. If possible, leave the balloon at rest for a few minutes. It will become stronger.

Please note.

Never climb in to the balloon while you are alone. Always have somebody nearby who can help you to get out of the balloon in emergencies. And with two its more fun. Make sure that the floor in the room where you will be using the climbin balloon is clean and contains no splinters or sharp objects. If the big Climbin balloon is Inflated fully, the balloon is extremely strong but vulnerable for the following: sharp objects, solvents like gasoline, some chemical liquids, the glue of duct tape. The large Climbin balloon will pop as it comes into contact with any of the above.

There are several ways to get in to the balloon.

There are numerous was to get into the balloon. You can do it with your head first or with your legs first. The technique for getting inside the balloon is to inflate it a little, stretch the neck open, and then quickly slide a foot in. Inflate again, and slide the other foot it. Then you stand up, inflate, and start shimmying the balloon up your body.Once you're in the balloon you can try to have a second person to get in the balloon as well. The world record at this moment is 3 person in one Climbin balloon. If you manage to get in there with 4 persons, please email a photo of it and you will receive 2 Climbin balloons for free.

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Climbin Balloon Users Guide (3)

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Climbin Balloon Users Guide (2024)
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