Elz the Witch: Everything you need to know about the KISS Fresh presenter (2024)

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Catch her on KISS Fresh every Saturday from 4pm

Author: Hazel ScottPublished 3rd Mar 2024
Last updated 2nd Apr 2024

Saturday afternoons are never boring with Elz the Witch bringing you the FRESHEST new tunes and some epic celeb guests. You can catch her show every Sunday from 4pm on KISS FRESH.

As well as being a presenter, Elz is a well-known YouTuber with a gaming channel where she plays The Sims, Fortnite and other popular video games, with her channel even featuring an appearance from KSI! Find out more about Elz and see some of her best moments on KISS Fresh below...

Who is Elz the Witch?

Eleanor, known as Elz the Witch, is a presenter on KISS Fresh where she brings you the best new tunes every Saturday afternoon.

She's also a YouTuber who rose to fame as a gamer after joining the platform in 2018 and she currently has more than 229K subscribers.

Elz also has her own gaming podcast called Citizen Game where she chats about the gaming world and entertainment, with appearances from special guests including fellow presenter Big Zuu.

Where is she from?

She was born in Suffolk.

When is Elz the Witch on KISS Fresh?

You can listen to Elz the Witch every Saturday from 4pm-7pm on KISS Fresh.

Listen back to the latest episodes from Elz the Witch here.

Check out some of her BEST moments on KISS FRESH...

Elz shows off her singing voice and knowledge of 00s theme tunes:

Elz was backstage with the celebs at KISS Haunted House Party 2022:

Dressed as Marvel's Scarlet Witch, she hosted a YouTube live with exclusive backstage content at KISS Haunted House Party 2022.

Getting the inside scoop from this year's Winter Love Islanders:

Olivia and Maxwell played Spill the Tea with Elz.

Elz reads her follower's worst date stories:

Former Love Islander Joanna Chimonides was not impressed with this date horror story...

Elz gets her dreams analysed:

Could being chased by snakes actually be a good thing? 🐍

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You can watch Elz the Witch on YouTube here, and you can also follow her on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram @elzthewitch.

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Here to start your day with HUGE tunes, laughs and vibes are best mates Jordan and Perri. Explaining what listeners can expect from their show, the boys told us: "Vibes and energy in the morning is our moto: the biggest celeb guests, the latest tunes and just two best mates joking around every weekday when you wake up!"

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Tatum is on KISS every Monday to Friday from 1pm-4pm.

Tatum's got your afternoon sorted with the BIGGEST tunes, and the chance to win HUGE cash prizes with Make Me A Winner. Speaking about her show, she said: "Because I don't take myself too seriously, my show is always fun, full of nonsense and BANGING TUNES. My goal is to help your shift feel a little bit easier (and distract you with the 2'oclock Mixblock)."


Tyler is on KISS every Monday to Friday from 4pm- 7pm.

Keep your afternoon moving with Tyler on KISS. He's got the BIGGEST tunes around PLUS the latest showbiz news. When you tune into Tyler you can expect: "Energy. I'm your friend that you always invite to the motive. It's the home straight BABY, the final leg of your day and I've got gotchuuuuu."


Henrie is on KISS every Monday - Wednesday from 9pm on The Up with Harriet Rose.

Henrie is also a presenter on KISS Fresh, bringing you the FRESHEST tracks, chatting to new artists and playing Henrie's Hotline. You don't want to miss her show - tune in every Thursday from 7pm.

Harriet Rose

Harriet Rose is on KISS every Monday - Wednesday from 9pm on The Up with Henrie and on KISSTORY every Sunday from 1pm-4pm.

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Elz the Witch: Everything you need to know about the KISS Fresh presenter (2024)
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