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Emilie is a Dendro character from Fontaine, specializing as an independent perfume merchant and attracting the most fashionable of women to her business. She is a 5-star off-field Dendro DPS focused on amplifying damage through triggering the Burning reaction, allowing for new opportunities and team compositions. This guide to the best Genshin Impact Emilie build will explain the best weapons, artifact sets, constellations, and team compositions for Emilie.

Please keep in mind that this guide is based off of speculation and rumors pertaining to Emilie's kit, as she has not been officially released yet. Info is likely to be updated as we get more information!


Table of Contents:


  • How to Get Emilie
  • Emilie Gameplay Overview
    • Emilie Talents and Attack Combos
    • Emilie Constellation Analysis
    • Emilie's Best Weapons
    • Emilie's Best Artifacts
    • Emilie's Best Teams

How to Get Emilie in Genshin Impact

Emilie is a limited 5-star character, meaning that you can only acquire her when she is on a limited banner. If you miss her debut, you’ll have no choice but to simply wait for a rerun banner to spend your primogems on a chance of acquiring her.


Genshin Emilie Gameplay Overview

  • Element: Dendro
  • Weapon: Polearm
  • Rarity: 5-star

Emilie is an off-field DPS and one of the most boring characters in terms of gameplay… but her damage is really good. There are lots of ups and downs with playing Emilie in this respect. She can go toe-to-toe with one of the strongest off-field DPS’s in the game, Xiangling, but at the same time, Emilie’s teams are highly restrictive, demanding to be run alongside Pyro characters. This is because the vast majority of her kit revolves around either triggering Burning for enemies or dealing damage to enemies already Burning. As a result, at least half, and usually 3/4 of your team slots are already spoken for, since you also want someone who can shred resistances on the team.

The reason Emilie is boring to play is that you drop her turret from her Skill and then bounce off the field, and that’s it. Albedo is one character that plays similarly. Fischl is an excellent character to compare to, but Fischl fits in just about every team and is an accessible, sometimes free, 4-star character, while also being able to play on-field in a pinch. Emilie has none of these perks.

Emilie’s Burst is strong, but even with low energy costs, she needs more than 180% Energy Recharge without major assistance in the form of Dendro teammates and Favonius-equipping teammates to help her get her energy high enough to Burst. She does not generate many particles herself, while also not being on-field to gather particles from teammates, putting her in a pretty tough spot. Considering you want a Pyro on-field DPS on your team, an Anemo unit (or Zhongli) and Bennett, you often don’t have the room for a second Dendro character either. As such, you’ll want to focus on using your Bursts every other rotation or whenever they’re available, since Emilie wants around 2,400 ATK to max her buffs. This leaves little room to build that necessary Energy Recharge unless you get very lucky with artifacts.

Without a doubt, Emilie will be able to clear Spiral Abyss, and may be a go-to option for Burning teams long-term, potentially opening up a new team archetype. She is likely to be a sleeper when first released, but as we enter Natlan, players will receive characters that also benefit from Burning. It may be worth pulling for her for future insurance, but this is also speculative. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to have Emilie in your roster, and you’ll have valid use cases for her.

Stats Worth Consideration

  • ATK%: Much of Emilie’s scaling depends on this stat.
  • Dendro DMG Bonus: Typical for elemental damage-dealers.
  • CRIT Rate/DMG: Typical for DPS’s with raw power.
  • Energy Recharge: Optional. Emilie needs a lot of energy from Dendro teammates and Favonius weapons, and you’ll usually just use her Burst every other rotation or once every long rotation. Only grab ER on substats, since Emilie really wants her ATK% stats.


For any character devoted to building damage, it is important to prioritize a 1-to-2 ratio between CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG. 1-3 ratios, while they may give dopamine through bigger Crit numbers, is actually less damage overall. Aim for 75;150 in most cases!


Genshin Emilie’s Talents

Your talent-levelling priority should be Skill, then Burst, followed by Normal Attacks being the lowest priority.

Normal Attack: Shadow-Hunting Spear

Emilie is not meant to use her Normal Attacks, as it is a DPS loss to do so. You can leave Normal Attacks at level 1. Most of her damage comes from her Skill and Ascension Passives. As a rule of thumb, physical damage is almost never worth building for, so Normal Attacks should typically be levelled only if there’s some kind of Elemental Infusion on the character’s attacks.

Elemental Skill: Fragrance Extraction

Using Emilie’s Skill summons a turret that deals Dendro damage every 2s. It can “level up” for added damage once it collects Scents, which can be acquired by hitting enemies affected by Burning (an elemental reaction utilizing Dendro and Pyro) with her Skill two times. Going 8s without hitting a Burning enemy brings the Skill back down to its base damage rate.

This skill has, essentially, unlimited uptime, as it has a cooldown of 14s but a duration of 22s. The entirety of Emilie’s kit revolves around her Skill and it is the main (levelable) Talent that deals damage, so it is absolutely a priority to level and always have in effect. Her Skill also demands you to be running Pyro teammates and ways to consistently keep enemies burning.

Elemental Burst: Last Lightfall

The Burst takes the turret that is normally formed by her Skill and supercharges it for about 3s, causing dewdrops to fall and hit opponents every 0.3s, with a single opponent being able to be hit once every 0.7 seconds. This essentially makes it an AoE attack that deals a ton of damage.

After the Burst ends, the Skill will be deployed at Level 1. However, if your turret was at Level 2 prior to using the Burst, it will instead be redeployed at Level 2 and have its duration reset. This means that it’s usually beneficial to have the Skill at its Level 2 stage before Bursting to have maximum uptime on maximum Skill damage.


The Burst would be very powerful if you used it every rotation, and you’d think you’d be able to, considering it only has an energy requirement of 50. However, most of Emilie’s teams do not have additional Dendro members, which severely limits her same-element energy intake. Because of this, plus the fact that Emilie spends almost all of her time off-field, she does not gain many particles at all, making her Energy Recharge requirements beyond 180% without assistance.

Using the Burst every other rotation solves this energy problem but prevents you from reaping the rewards of using the Burst for extra damage. Perhaps it is feasible in some teams to Burst every rotation, depending on how many Favonius weapons are on the team and Dendro teammates, but this will rarely give the optimal amount of damage you’d want from a premium 5-star character.

Emilie Passives

Next, come her passives.

  • Her first ascension passive deals a large chunk of damage to nearby enemies equal to 600% of her ATK every time her Skill hits Burning enemies twice and collects two Scents. This is a huge portion of her damage, and incentivizes stacking ATK% and DMG% bonuses on Emilie.
  • Emilie's fourth ascension passive increases her damage to Burning enemies by 15% for every 1,000 ATK she has, maxing out at 36%. This means that you should aim for about 2400 ATK in order to gain the maximum possible damage bonus.
  • Finally, her exploration passive reduces teammates’ Burning damage by 85% as long as her Skill is active! This is a massive buff in combat, as one of the most popular ways to die when using Burning teams is by catching on fire and depleting your own health faster than it can be healed back.

Emilie On-Field Commands

Emilie’s field time should be executed as such:

  • Emilie Skill
  • (Possibly) Swap to teammates while the Skill levels up.
  • Swap back and use Emilie’s Burst (When available)
  • Swap out to other characters.

Genshin Emilie Constellation Analysis

Emilie is a complete character at C0, and does not require constellations. C1, however, is exceptional, and is certainly recommended. If you like her and have the primogems, I would make the first constellation a high priority.

Constellation NameAbbreviated In-Game DescriptionNotes
C1. Light Fragrance Leaching Skill and Passive damage +20%. Teammates triggering Burning on enemies or hitting Burning enemies with Dendro will generate an additional Scent once every 2.8s. A large bonus to her damage since it buffs both major portions of her damage profile, and one of the best among her constellations. C1 is recommended if you’d like a big power jump. It is more valuable than the difference between her signature weapon and the next best choice. In short: C1 > Signature Weapon.
C2. Lakelight Top Note Emilie’s Skill, Burst, and Passive damage reduce Dendro RES by 30%A solid buff to Emilie, especially when not using other Dendro Shred sources like Zhongli’s shield or the 4pc Deepwood artifact set. It pales in comparison to C1 though. When you do have these other sources of shred, diminishing returns takes effect, and the debuff is significantly less useful.
C3. Exquisite EssenceIncrease Skill talent level by 3.Boring, and these constellations on characters are usually the lowest-performing constellations.
C4. Lumidouce Heart NoteBurst lasts an additional 2s (about 75% extra uptime) and enemies can now be targeted by the Burst once every 0.4s instead of every 0.7s.Nearly doubling the Burst uptime and the frequency of hits per enemy is about a 20% buff from previous constellations and as such is roughly tied with C6. C1 remains the best.
C5. Puredew AromaIncreases Burst talent level by 3.Usually only used once every two rotations so this is even worse than C3. This is only worth acquiring if you’re going all the way to C6.
C6. Marcotte Sillage Using Skill or Burst gives Emilie’s Normal and Charged Attacks a Dendro infusion for 5s. Hitting enemies while in this infused state grants a Scent to upgrade her Skill. The damage is increased by a flat 300% of Emilie’s ATK. This effect ends after four scents are created, but can be triggered once every 12s.Remember what was said earlier in this guide about how using Normal and Charged Attacks was only recommended when your character has an infusion in their element? Well, start levelling your Normal Attack talent, because this allows you to deal tons of damage very early in Emilie’s rotation, even if it comes at the cost of extending it by using these infused attacks.


Genshin Emilie's Best Weapons

Emilie options are, frankly, a little boring. She’s a DPS, and she wants CRIT and ATK, but mostly CRIT weapons. Her signature is the best as it gives CRIT Rate, ATK%, and DMG%, plus energy to help Emilie potentially Burst every rotation. After that, it’s just picking the best CRIT stick that you have, with one exception.

Missive Windspear is your ideal F2P option if you can’t grab Deathmatch for your 4-star, but because it is an event-only weapon, it won’t be listed here.

Weapon NameAbbreviated In-Game DescriptionNotes
Lumidouce Energy

33.1% CRIT Rate

ATK +15%. When the equipping character triggers Burning on an opponent or deals Dendro DMG to Burning opponents, the DMG +18% for 8s, max 2 stacks. When 2 stacks are reached or when the duration is refreshed at 2 stacks, restore 12 Energy, once every 12s. Can be triggered even when off-field.Best-in-Slot

This weapon is fantastic for Emilie… but not as good at her first Constellation is. However, if you get lucky on substat rolls and manage to get some Energy Recharge, while adding a Favonius-wielding Dendro character to the team, you can probably get away with Bursting every rotation.

Calamity Queller

16.5% ATK

Gain 12% All Elemental DMG Bonus. Obtain Consummation for 20s after using an Elemental Skill, causing ATK to increase by 3.2% per second. This ATK increase has a maximum of 6 stacks. When the character equipped with this weapon is not on the field, Consummation's ATK increase is doubled.The Next Best Choice

You might be wondering why an ATK% weapon places so high on this list. Emilie is one of the very few Polearm users that spends most of their time off-field while caring about ATK and not building Energy Recharge. She will easily reach max stacks on this weapon, and will easily hit her ATK threshold for maximum damage bonus from her passives.

CRIT 5-Stars


Variable effects, depending on the weapon.Pick What You Have

Staff of Homa and Staff of Scarlet Sands are likely the best of the bunch, but besides that, there isn’t a ton of difference. What you care about is a high ATK main stat and a CRIT secondary stat.

Deathmatch R5

36.8% CRIT Rate

If there are at least 2 opponents nearby, ATK is increased by 32% and DEF is increased by 32%. If there are fewer than 2 opponents nearby, ATK is increased by 48%.Battle Pass – Best 4-Star

Ideally, you want to be in single-target scenarios to get the full buff, but even if you aren’t, this is by far the best 4-star option you’re going to get thanks to its massive CRIT Rate stat, surpassing almost every 5-star! It’s balanced by a low ATK stat, but you’re probably using Bennett on your team anyways, which makes up for the loss of raw ATK that you suffer from equipping this weapon.

Favonius Lance

30.6% Energy Recharge

CRIT Hits have a 60-100% (R1-R5) chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur once every 12-6s (R1-R5).Pray You Can Burst Every Rotation

Favonius weapons are amazing support weapons. They are not as amazing for DPS characters like Emilie. However, this is the only gacha, non-Battle Pass 4-star that can get the job done. It will still be recommended to run another Favonius-wielding teammate in your party to maximize odds of Bursting frequently. It has the added bonus of reducing team ER requirements as well.

Genshin Emilie's Best Artifacts

  • Sands – ATK% (even if you can try Bursting every Rot, stick with ATK% sands)
  • Goblet – Dendro DMG%
  • Circlet – CRIT

Emilie has two baseline artifact sets which do similar things based on her healing abilities. If you can’t get a 4pc set together, you can scrape by with 2pc Deepwood and a 2pc ATK% set.

Artifact Set NameAbbreviated In-Game DescriptionNotes
4pc Unfinished Reverie 2pc: +18% ATK.
4pc: After leaving combat for 3s, DMG dealt +50%. In combat, if no Burning opponents are nearby for more than 6s, this DMG Bonus -10% per second until 0%. When a Burning opponent exists, +10% instead until it reaches 50%. This effect still triggers if the equipping character is off-field.
Best Overall Option

Emilie’s best overall set for damage, even if no one is running the 4pc Deepwood set in your party. It looks specifically made for Emilie, since her damage is primarily off-field anyways, while also caring about Burning opponents.

4pc Deepwood Memories 2pc: 15% Dendro DMG.
4pc: After Elemental Skills or Bursts hit opponents, the targets' Dendro RES will be decreased by 30% for 8s. This effect can be triggered even if the equipping character is not on the field.
Second Best

Usually you want someone other than your main Dendro damage-dealer to be equipping this set, but she can make due with this just fine. Just take note that the more sources of Dendro RES Shred you run on the team, the less useful this artifact set becomes. It really is strongly recommended you farm the Reverie set.

Genshin Emilie's Best Teams

Emilie demands enemies to be Burning in order to maximize her damage, so using Pyro characters in the team, especially Bennett, is non-negotiable. She works best in teams mostly consisting of Pyro DPS’s, like Xiangling or Arlecchino.

You can, perhaps, mix other Dendro reactions in like Quicken with Electro units, but you’re pretty much stuck with mostly Pyro, Dendro, and Anemo teammates.

Pyro / Burning

Your flex slot will usually be an Anemo character like Sucrose or Kazuha to maximize Pyro damage. Alternatively you can use the Geo Archon Zhongli to provide a (practically) indestructible shield that shreds both Pyro and Dendro resistances.


Guide CharacterPyroFlexBennett

Specific Teammate Choices

Teammate Choices
Character NameNotesCharacter NameNotes
XianglingOff-Field Pyro DPS
  • C4+ Recommended
  • Wants Bennett
  • Exceptional Off-Field DMG
  • Rapid Pyro Application
  • Freely Obtainable
  • Accessible via Paimon's Bargains* Vulnerable to interruption
YaoyaoDendro Healer
  • Great healing for a 4-star
  • Good and consistent Dendro application
  • Can function well in teams with short rotations, especially Quicken teams
FischlOff-Field Electro DPS
  • C6 Recommended
  • Works well with basically anyone
  • Exceptional Off-Field DMG
  • Minimal field time required
  • Consistent Application
  • Excellent energy particle generation
  • Accessible via Paimon's Bargains
NahidaOff-Field Dendro Support
  • Best Dendro Application in the game
  • Long-lasting Skill duration (25s)
  • Buffs the team’s Elemental Mastery
  • Impressive damage on top of her support capabilities.
ThomaOff-Field Pyro Shielder
  • Strong, recovering shield on Burst.
  • Shield also on Skill.
  • Go-to Burgeon/Burning trigger, due to slow Pyro application.
  • Can be built EM/ER or HP/ER depending on whether you want reaction damage or better shielding
Dendro MCOff-Field Dendro Support
  • 100% free and accessible from beginning of the game
  • Consistent Dendro Application
  • Often wields a Favonius weapon
  • Buffs party Elemental Mastery
KazuhaAnemo (De+)Buffer
  • Universally loved Anemo support
  • Excellent crowd control with held Skill
  • Usually wields Favonius or Xiphos’ Moonlight for team energy needs
  • Massive buffs to elements based on Kazuha’s Elemental Mastery stat
  • Debuffs elemental resistances with Viridescent Venerer
SucroseAnemo (De+)Buffer
  • Strongest 4-star Anemo support
  • Decent enemy grouping with Skill
  • Generates lots of energy through her Skill and potential weapons
  • Shares 25% of her Elemental Mastery with the team to improve reactions
  • Available since the start of the game
SayuAnemo (De)Buffer + Healer
  • Great at closing gaps with her Skill
  • Often carries a Favonius weapon
  • Good healing on a 4-star character
JeanAnemo (De)Buffer + Healer
  • Standard Banner 5-star, making her accessible
  • Well-rounded in utility and damage
  • Great healing and role consolidation
  • Often carries a Favonius weapon
  • Synergizes with Bennett to constantly apply Pyro
BennettSupport / Healer
  • C1+ Recommended
  • Huge Teamwide Flat ATK Buff
  • Rapid Healing Within AoE
  • Great Pyro energy supplier
  • Short Cooldowns on Skill/Burst
  • Accessible via Paimon's Bargains
ZhongliGeo Shielder
  • Strongest, longest-lasting shield in the game
  • Universal RES shred as long as shield is active
  • Often wields a Favonius weapon.
  • Can sometimes replace a healer entirely.

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