Guide and walkthrough Neon Abyss (2024)

We share useful information that will simplify the passage of the rougelike platformer Neon Abyss.

All items and why they are needed

Note . Since this manual was translated from English, we left the names of some items in English (because we doubted that we could correctly translate into Russian).

  • Improved Knife (2077) - The more shields you have, the more weapon damage you get.
  • Pilot's Medal - Increased damage when using weapons in the air.
  • Alien Technology - A chance to fire a projectile that reacts to thermal radiation.
  • Ancient Mask - A chance to restore hearts when killing an enemy with bombs.
  • Annoying/Annoying Hat - Chance to drop additional crystals whenever you take damage.
  • B-virus - when you kill an enemy, there is a chance that he will explode.
  • Battle Pass - The more coins you have, the more you can shoot.
  • Amulet of the Beast - reduces the rate of fire, but significantly increases the damage of the weapon.
  • Bent Spoon - Adds crystals and increases weapon damage.
  • Black Rum - When you use a bomb, all your eggs explode.
  • Blue UI - Adds shields and upgrades weapons.
  • Night vision - every tenth bullet inflicts a lie?? have additional damage.
  • Broccoli - adds health.
  • Corona Bullet - Every time an enemy is killed in a room, you gain ammo for your weapon.
  • Sweet Popcorn/Corn - The more pets you have, the farther you shoot.
  • Cat food - add health.
  • Cat Medallion - The fewer crystals you have, the more damage the weapon does.
  • Chocolate Coin - Get coins every time your pet evolves.
  • Berserker Blood - The fewer hearts, the more bullets you can fire.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies - Each time a pet evolves, you drop a bomb.
  • Clay doll - a chance that when you kill an enemy, an explosion will go off from you.
  • Clown hat - a chance that you will shoot a fake rat.
  • Coin Bomb - If you don't pick up the coins, they will explode after 3 seconds.
  • Creambeer - Increases health and crystals.
  • Scrap - Increases melee damage.
  • Crown of Thorns - Deals melee damage to all enemies that come into contact with you.
  • Cyborg - reduces health, adds shields and increases weapon damage.
  • Dangerous recipe - 10 bombs.
  • Devil's Horn - Increases health from weapons and melee attacks.
  • Devil hotline - Doubles the damage of melee attacks while in the air.
  • Dimensional Bags - Chance to get different consumables whenever you getthose damage.
  • Divinity - allows you to fly and increases your movement speed.
  • Double Yolk - Doubles the number of eggs available to you.
  • Drilling Warhead - Increases weapon damage and rate of fire.
  • Earth food - adds health.
  • Elastogel - bullets ricochet off walls (randomly).
  • Energy Cube - When the portal stone is activated, the shield is replaced.
  • Bracelet from Hell - every time you use the key, there is a chance to get evil fairies.
  • The fission device is the chance that the bullet will shatter into fragments.
  • Flower pot - a chance that the bullet will shatter into fragments.
  • Forbidden Mask - Increase stats in all areas.
  • Fruit Candy - Adds health.
  • Gunpowder Plot - When you pick up a bomb, you get an extra one.
  • Frying pan - Chance to block bullets.
  • Gamma Ray - Bullets can fly through walls.
  • Garland - allows you to shoot a large number of projectiles at a time and increases damage.
  • Giant Barbecue - Add health, increase weapon damage, but decrease rate of fire.
  • Gladiator's Helm - Increases melee damage in the current room every time you take damage.
  • Go Board - more bullets per shot, increased movement speed.
  • Golden Apple - Upgrade weapons, slightly increase movement speed.
  • golden kchime - a chance to get coins whenever you melee kill an enemy.
  • Golden Bird - The more coins you have, the higher the rate of fire.
  • Golden Skulls - The more coins you have, the higher your melee damage.
  • Golden Tooth - Coins drop when you take damage.
  • The Golden Torch is an additional treasure room in each level.
  • Grape Candy - If an empty egg hatches, you get a crystal.
  • Gloomy Hood - Each time an enemy is killed in the room, your damage is increased.
  • Hacking device - 99 keys.
  • Hair dryer - increase the range and rate of fire of weapons.
  • Helmet/Helmet - You do no damage to surrounding objects.
  • Hard mints - Gain half a shield each time a pet evolves.
  • Heart Key - If you don't have a key, use half a heart instead.
  • Heart Necklace - Each time you use the key, there is a chance of a heart drop.
  • Heart of the Ocean - Add shields and increase weapon damage.
  • Hiccups - If you have been damaged 6 times in a row, you will receive a random item.
  • Pocket Flask - Significantly increases weapon damage.
  • Hot Chili - Bullets now deal fire damage.
  • Immortal heart - resurrect once after death.
  • Imperial Strength - A chance to launch a laser.
  • Infinity Key - Unlock everything for free (truecabins at the end of the level).
  • Crown of Kings - Weapons deal increased damage while at full health.
  • Knife and Fork - Chance to drop an egg when killing an enemy in melee.
  • Watching Eye - Open the map and secret rooms.
  • Royal like - improves weapons and increases the rate of fire.
  • Lion headgear - The more pets you have, the more weapon damage.
  • Lithium Battery - Chance to fire a fire or electric projectile.
  • Small pickaxe - reveal nearby hidden rooms.
  • Burglar - If you don't have the key, use coins instead.
  • Mask of Madness - Significantly increases the rate of fire.
  • Arcane Whirlwind - Weapons deal more damage when you have a full supply of crystals.
  • Magic Wand - A chance to get crystals whenever you take damage.
  • Bodyguard Points - Increase weapon damage.
  • Magic Bean - Restore all hearts and increase weapon range.
  • Makeni-neko - You get an extra bonus every time you pick up a coin.
  • Matchbox - if the egg touches a stone (door or chest), it will explode and disappear.
  • Medal of Valor - Increase movement speed and weapon damage.
  • The Perfect Mercenary - The more coins you have, the higher your weapon damage.
  • Midnight Mask - Increases weapon damage whenever you take damage.
  • Patch - improves weapons, increases movement speed.
  • Szechuan Sauce - Chance to shoot a fire bullet.
  • Mini Radar - Mark all the secrets on the map.
  • Mjolnir - Your melee attacks deal lightning damage.
  • Monocle - If an empty egg hatches, you will receive a key.
  • Wanted List - Double coins when killing enemies.
  • Nerve system 6.0 - increase weapon damage and movement speed.
  • Nightmare Mask - Chance to gain an Evil Fairy every time you take damage.
  • Ninja Outfit - Extra jump and increased melee damage.
  • Nougat - Receive a key whenever your pet evolves.
  • The onion helmet is a temporary protective shell for the room.
  • Pain drop - increase weapon damage and rate of fire.
  • Paper Mill - Increase weapon fire rate and damage.
  • Party popper - Launch 10 bullets after the bomb explodes.
  • Knob #7 - Use the key as bombs when you don't have any bombs.
  • Hot Soup - Gives a heart container.
  • Persian turban - crystals.
  • Ping Pong - A chance to fire a rare bullet.
  • Plague Mask - Chance to restore half a heart each time you kill an enemy.
  • Police Badge - Increase the number of bullets per shot and rate of fire.
  • Popcorn - bullets explode on contact or after traveling a certain distance.
  • Powerful Diamond - Upgradeweapons, increase melee and weapon damage.
  • Powerful Helmet - If you take damage in this room, you will be surrounded by a ring of lightning that deals damage to nearby enemies.
  • Prophet chip - Kill enough enemies to restore shields.
  • Protein Powder - The more eggs you have, the farther you shoot.
  • Pumpkin Head - When you take damage, you will explode.
  • Candy Cane - The more pets you have, the faster you shoot.
  • Quantum Core - Increase damage and shields.
  • Rabbit Ears - Double Jump
  • Rainbow Candy - Each time your pet evolves, you receive a gift.
  • Ready aim eye - each time you kill an enemy, your vision becomes sharper, increasing the attack speed of the weapon.
  • Ritual Mask - increases the supply of crystals, and by exchanging 5 crystals, you restore health.
  • Rocket mod - the probability of launching a rocket that tracks thermal energy.
  • Rogue Icon - Increase your movement speed and jump height.
  • Running shoes - increase the speed of movement.
  • Sacred Tears - A chance to gain a protective shell whenever you kill enemies with a bomb.
  • Sapper's backpack - bombs explode harder, brighter and cooler.
  • Sapphire Ring - Each time you pick up a coin, there is a chance to get shields.
  • Scarlet Tale - Increase your rate of fire if you've taken damage in this room.
  • Seals patch - at??Improve weapons and increase movement speed.
  • Stone Seed - Your bullets create a platform on the wall.
  • Shroud - increase the supply of crystals. You get crystals after killing enemies.
  • Silver Brooch - Each time you pick up a coin, there is a chance to get additional keys.
  • Silver Compass - show all rooms on the map.
  • Demon Slayer - Kill enough enemies to get crystals.
  • Slingshot - Adds extra bullets per shot and increases the weapon's range.
  • Blacksmith's Hammer - Upgrade weapons and increase damage.
  • Fuse-5000 - Your bombs explode in an X-shape.
  • Flask of Souls - Get an extra heart and restore health.
  • Space Soda - Get an extra heart and slightly increase weapon damage.
  • Stark Module - Increase weapon damage and bullet speed.
  • Strange mask - more bullets per shot and shield.
  • Vicious Shield - Add shields, while some attacks will not damage you.
  • Super Logo - Upgrade weapons, slightly increase jump height and movement speed.
  • Tanghulu - add health.
  • Telescopic Sight - Increase weapon range and jump height.
  • Towel - When you take damage, you will only lose half your health.
  • Thunder Engine - The more shields you have, the higher the rate of fire.
  • Beeftobe - add health.
  • Unknown mask - add crystals and shields.
  • VO field - if health drops below half, then a shield will immediately drop.
  • Vanilla Ice Cream - The more eggs you have, the higher the bullet damage.
  • Virtual Assistant - When you lose a chance, there is a chance to get a protective spirit.
  • Void Coin - Increase weapon damage and rate of fire.
  • Wade tech - increase rate of fire.
  • Welding Mask - Chance to drop a key when taking damage from an explosion.
  • Winged hat - double jump.
  • Astronaut Helmet - Increases jump height.
  • Magic Sword - Each time you kill an enemy in melee combat, there is a chance to get additional crystals.
  • Eric's Candle - You deal melee fire damage.
  • Hiccup - When you take damage in the same room, you get a random item.
  • Kendo Mask - Gives you a chance to block melee attacks.


George the pill lord

It is better to use firearms. At the beginning of the fight, George will shoot three projectiles at you. Stay away and then you can easily bypass them (jump over). George will then start jumping. Approach him so that he jumps over you. And when George flies up, above the screen, watch out for falling confetti.This is where George will fall down. Then he will make two normal jumps in your direction, and then fly up again.

Remington, bot of the void

Pretty easy boss. Just pick up a place where the projectiles won't reach you. It will need to be changed periodically. And the projectiles rotating around the robot are easy to dodge!

Freddy the plush toy bot

At the first stage, you need to stay away from the boss, which will make it easier to dodge flying hearts. In the second stage, the boss will begin to act more aggressively, so again try to avoid getting close to him.

Sung, Lord of the Screens

At the first stage, just move from one edge to another, and the boss will not hit you. When a lot of monitors appear, shoot where the smiley appears. At first it will be one face, and after - 4-5 monitors. And you can shoot at any of them!

Johnny the idol bot

Stay away from Johnny every time. This will make it easier for you to dodge stars and notes. Moreover, the notes, if Johnny is standing in one edge, will not have time to reach the other edge at all. At the end of the battle, you will also need to dodge falling hearts.

Argus, God of the Darknet

The main boss of the first map, opens at the fifth level. To make the boss itself appear, destroy all the eyes. There is no need to jump on the platforms. Instead, move around the floor, but don't stand under your eyes. The first time the eyes shoot lasers in straight lines, the second time they fire projectiles. And in the second case, it is best to run away or jump onto the platform. And when the boss appears, then shoot at him, not paying attention to his eyes. Also keep an eye on the emerging lines, because after a while lasers will hit such a trajectory.

El, god

In the first half of the fight, dodge falling projectiles and stay between the laser grid. In the second part, you will have to keep an eye on the four gizmos that the lasers release. Shoot them, but also avoid all the directions these turrets point to. Only after that finish off Eal.

Walkthrough Tips

The principle of passing the game is simple. There are 5 large maps consisting of several levels. At the end of each level there will be a boss. But at the end of the fifth, you fight the manager of the Evil Corporation. And your task is to kill all these managers. If you die, you start the global map from the very beginning (that is, from the first level of five). But what if you already killed me??dzhera on the last map, then the game will not force you to go through everything from the very beginning.

The first map consists of 5 levels, the second - seven.

After each level you get a golden token. Tokens can be spent for the first time after completing the first five levels and killing the first manager. Tokens allow you to unlock new rules. For example, the first token will have to be spent to ensure that each level has at least one secret room!

As you progress through the levels, you will find different rooms. Some may be filled with hearts. If you see a room with a "yellow triangle", know that it contains some kind of unique item. A room with a "gold star" indicates the presence of a new weapon (the new one always replaces the old one).

Also, if you left a heart or a crystal somewhere, then this item will remain there until the end of the level.

You can move freely between all activated level teleporters.

Some chests open just like that, others, with locks, require a key, and still others, stone, require a grenade. Grenades are also needed to destroy walls.

If you see a large purple crystal at the location, can you deactivate it by spending 1 unit of energy??ii. But in no case do not shoot at this crystal, otherwise it will turn red. You can’t get him out of the way in any way, and upon contact, he will cause damage.

After you kill the first manager, visit the bar and unlock the new rules. To find the secret room, look for walls with a golden glow. How to find and open the secret room? Throw a grenade to open it.

Guide and walkthrough Neon Abyss (1)

In the bar, on the left side there is an icon that allows you to switch between difficulty levels. The default is normal difficulty, but you can increase or decrease it.

Walls can be blown up with barrels. For example, if the barrel is on wooden crates, destroy them first. When it falls, blow up the barrel.

Each weapon has an alternate firing mode that costs energy or hearts. To do this, use the RMB.

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Guide and walkthrough Neon Abyss (2024)
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