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How to Activate a RushCard | Sapling (1)

A RushCard works like a debit card when making purchases.

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It's easy to activate your RushCard once you receive it so you can get started using it. The quickest way to undertake the RushCard activate process is to make a phone call (you won't even need to talk to a human), but you might want to take some time to set up online access to your account to manage all of the benefits that come with the card.


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How Does a RushCard Work?

The RushCard was spearheaded by entrepreneur Russell Simmons to help people who traditionally don't use personal finance accounts begin the process. For example, a RushCard works like a debit card, giving people access to a convenient digital payment option.


To get a RushCard, you apply, deposit money into your account and receive your card, which you can begin using for in-person and online payments. If you deposit $500 into your account, you can make $500 worth of purchases or pay $500 worth of bills. You'll have to leave enough in your account to cover any transaction fees and the monthly fee, however.


It can help people with no credit card, checking account or savings account begin managing their personal finances in a more convenient manner.

You can set up online bill payments for your utilities, cable, rent or car payment. You can withdraw cash from ATMs, put your extra cash into the account and build your savings in a secure location, have your paychecks deposited into your account and earn cash back on some purchases.



The RushCard is more expensive to use than a traditional debit card you receive when you open a checking account at a bank or credit union, but the fees might be worth it to have access to a payment card.

Because your funds are transferred to a bank that manages RushCards, your money will be covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Company, according to RushCard. This means that if the bank collapses, the government will cover your deposits (up to $250,000) so you don't lose your money.


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RushCard Activate by Phone

Call the number on the sticker that's on your card when you receive it.


RushCard's card-activation instructional video directs you to call 800-247-4109 as the first part of a two-step process. After you connect, you'll be prompted to create a four-digit personal activation number (PIN). You'll be asked for your PIN when you make most of your transactions, which adds more security. Your RushCard will be almost useless to thieves if they don't have your PIN.



After you set your PIN, you'll then deposit money into your RushCard account. You can load money to your card using a direct deposit method (if you have a checking or savings account), or by visiting a retailer that lets you load or re-load your RushCard. You find retailers near you by visiting RushCard's website.


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RushCard Activate Online

You can also activate your RushCard online by visiting an activation website. You'll be asked for your card number, CVV number (the three-digit security number on that back of your card), the card's expiration date and your Social Security number. Check the box next to, "I'm not a robot," and you're ready to go. Follow the next set of instructions, which will include creating a PIN and depositing money into your account to activate your card.


You can also visit an activation website if you have a RushCard Live card. The process is similar, except you'll only be asked for the last four digits of your Social Security number, you'll be asked to create your PIN and you won't need to confirm you're not a robot on the first screen.


Activate it Using the App

If you want to manage your RushCard using your phone, get started by downloading the RushCard app to your smartphone. Create your account and follow the directions to activate your card, which will be similar to the online activation steps.



How to Activate a RushCard | Sapling (2024)
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