Who is Trevor Noah’s Mom? Meet Patricia Noah (2024)

Trevor Noah’s mom is Patricia Noah. She was born on September 24, 1964, and is currently 54 years old. She has been behind her son’s incredible journey as a successful comedian.

Patricia’s story intertwines with her son Trevor’s ascent to stardom, showcasing her unwavering support, resilience, and strength. As Trevor’s mom, Patricia’s influence extends beyond familial ties, shaping his perspectives, humor, and resilience in the face of adversity. Her life experiences have undoubtedly contributed to Trevor’s narrative and his success. Get to know the extraordinary Patricia Noah.

Summary of Patricia Noah’s Bio

  • Full Name:Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah
  • Nickname:Patty
  • Gender:Female
  • Date of Birth:September 24, 1964
  • Place of Birth:South Africa
  • Patricia Noah’s Age:59 Years Old
  • Ethnicity:Xhosa
  • Nationality:South African
  • Zodiac Sign:Libra
  • Sexual Orientation:Straight
  • Religion:Christianity
  • Marital Status:Married
  • Patricia Noah’s Husband:Sfiso Khoza
  • Patricia Noah’s Children:Trevor Noah (son), Andrew Shingange (son), Isaac Shingange (son)
  • Patricia Noah’s Parents:Temperance Noah (father), Nomalizo Frances Noah (mother)
  • Hair color:Black
  • Eye color:Black
  • Famous for:Being Trevor Noah’s mother

How Old Is Patricia Noah?

Patricia Noah is currently 59 years old as of 2024. She was born Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah on September 24, 1964, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her birth sign is Libra, and she is South African by birth.

All signs indicate that Patricia may have been the only child of her parents, Temperance and Nomalizo Frances Noah, as there has never been any mention of siblings she might have had.

Early Life and Struggles: The Formative Years of Patricia Noah

Who is Trevor Noah’s Mom? Meet Patricia Noah (1)

Image SourcePatricia Noah’s early life was marked by numerous struggles and challenges. A pivotal aspect of her journey was her relationship with Trevor Noah’s birth father, a Swiss-German man named Robert Lloyd. In apartheid-era South Africa, their relationship defied societal expectations and oppressive laws due to their different racial backgrounds.

Patricia’s determination and unwavering faith guided her through these tumultuous times. Despite facing adversity, she remained resolute in pursuing a better life for her son. She went to great lengths to ensure Trevor’s education, even fabricating his address to secure quality education for him.

Patricia’s actions showcased her resilience and the lengths she would go to give Trevor a fighting chance. This unwavering commitment to her son’s future became a defining characteristic of Patricia’s identity. Throughout Trevor’s memoir, “Born a Crime,” Patricia is depicted as a beacon of undying faith and resilience.

She taught Trevor the importance of distinguishing right from wrong and instilled in him the values of perseverance and determination. Patricia’s teachings and her ability to find humor in challenging situations greatly influenced Trevor’s perspectives and shaped his comedic approach to life. Despite enduring abuse, Patricia’s strength and defiance made her a symbol of love and resilience.

Her indomitable spirit continues to resonate in Trevor’s work, a constant reminder of her profound impact on his life. Patricia Noah’s early life struggles and her unyielding commitment to her son’s future played a crucial role in molding her into the extraordinary woman she became.

Overcoming Apartheid: Patricia’s Battle Against Racial Segregation

Patricia Noah’s resilience and courage amid the harsh realities of apartheid stand as a testament to her determination and resourcefulness in protecting herself and her son, Trevor Noah. Born into a system designed to oppress, she navigated the treacherous landscape of racial segregation in South Africa with remarkable strength.

To safeguard her family, Patricia employed several strategies. Education became a cornerstone of her efforts. She ensured young Trevor received an education, recognizing its potential to unlock opportunities beyond the confines of apartheid. Patricia’s commitment to learning provided Trevor with a foundation of knowledge that would prove invaluable in his future endeavors.

Furthermore, Patricia exhibited extraordinary adaptability, constantly adjusting to the ever-changing dynamics of apartheid. She skillfully maneuvered through the restrictive laws, often finding innovative ways to shield her son from the discriminatory environment. By maintaining a strong network of trusted friends and allies, she created a support system vital for survival in a hostile society.

Yet, her most remarkable feat was her ability to instill hope and resilience in Trevor despite the pervasive oppression. Patricia’s nurturing spirit and unwavering optimism became a beacon of strength for her son. She imparted invaluable life lessons, teaching Trevor the importance of courage, empathy, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

In their quest for safety, Patricia and Trevor often had to conceal their identities. They navigated apartheid’s dangers by strategically blending into different communities, masking their true selves to evade the scrutiny of a racially charged society. Patricia’s adeptness in adapting to various environments shielded them from the immediate dangers posed by apartheid’s strict segregation laws.

Moreover, Patricia’s commitment to providing Trevor with a stable and loving home environment was pivotal despite the turmoil surrounding them. Her resilience in maintaining a sense of normalcy amidst chaos created a sanctuary where Trevor could find solace and grow emotionally resilient.

However, these actions were not without risks. Patricia navigated a perilous path, constantly balancing safety with pursuing a better life for her son. Her courage and sacrifices exemplify the strength and determination of mothers fighting against injustice.

Ultimately, Patricia Noah’s defiance against apartheid and her unwavering commitment to protecting Trevor in a hostile and discriminatory environment showcase the power of resilience, adaptability, and love in the face of adversity. Her strategies, sacrifices, and unwavering spirit enabled her to overcome the constraints of apartheid, ensuring a future where her son could thrive beyond the shackles of segregation.

Raising Trevor Noah: Single Motherhood In South Africa

Who is Trevor Noah’s Mom? Meet Patricia Noah (2)

As a single mother in South Africa during a time of racial tension and economic hardships, Patricia faced numerous challenges. Nonetheless, she exhibited incredible strength, determination, and love while raising Trevor. Patricia Noah’s unwavering love for her son was the foundation of their relationship.

Despite the difficult circ*mstances, she consistently demonstrated her dedication to Trevor’s well-being. As a young boy, Trevor often accompanied his mother to work, spending hours in the kitchen of the various places she worked. Patricia’s commitment to providing for her son meant sacrificing her time and opportunities, showcasing her selflessness as a mother.

While Patricia shouldered much of the responsibility alone, she was not without a support system. Trevor’s grandmother, Nomalizo Frances Noah, played a vital role in his upbringing. As a strong matriarch, she provided guidance and stability, instilling Trevor with a sense of cultural identity and values. Trevor has often spoken fondly of his grandmother’s influence on his life, emphasizing the importance of her presence during his formative years.

To make ends meet, Patricia worked multiple jobs, often simultaneously, to support Trevor. From being a secretary to working as a retail shop assistant, she embraced every opportunity that came her way. Her determination and work ethic were evident in her various roles as she strived to provide a better life for her son. Her resilience in the face of adversity served as an inspiration to Trevor, shaping his own outlook on life.

Recognizing Trevor’s comedic talent from an early age, Patricia encouraged his passion for performing arts. She supported his dreams by enrolling him in acting and dance classes, allowing Trevor to express his creativity. Patricia’s belief in her son’s abilities and her willingness to invest in his talent played a crucial role in Trevor’s journey toward success.

Despite financial constraints, Patricia prioritized Trevor’s education. She ensured that he attended quality schools, recognizing the importance of a solid academic foundation. Patricia’s emphasis on education further motivated Trevor to excel in his studies and broaden his horizons beyond the limitations of their circ*mstances.

Patricia Noah’s journey as a single mother in South Africa epitomizes resilience in the face of adversity. Her story is a testament to the strength of maternal love and determination, shaping Trevor Noah into the influential figure he is today, inspiring many with his humor, storytelling, and advocacy.

Domestic Abuse Nearly Ended In Tragedy

Patricia Noah endured a traumatic marriage that nearly culminated in tragedy. She got married to Abel Shingange, a man who became her abuser, in 1992. Their relationship, initially seemingly normal, turned abusive, marked by incidents of physical violence and emotional turmoil.

Patricia experienced the horrors of domestic abuse at the hands of Shingange, which reached a horrific climax when he shot her in the face in 2007. The brutal act was a terrifying turning point in their tumultuous relationship.

Miraculously, Patricia survived the gunshot wound, although it left her with life-altering injuries. Following the shooting, Shingange was later convicted for the attack after he pled guilty to an attempted murder charge. He was sentenced to three years of correctional supervision.

Patricia Noah’s Case Highlighted The Severity Of Domestic Abuse Globally

Who is Trevor Noah’s Mom? Meet Patricia Noah (3)

Image SourcePatricia’s case brought to light the severity of domestic abuse and highlighted the critical need for support systems for survivors. Her courage in speaking out about her ordeal helped shed light on the often silent suffering of many others experiencing similar situations.

Patricia’s journey serves as an inspiration, not just for surviving such a horrific incident but also for her bravery in standing up against the scourge of domestic violence.

Her story brought attention to an issue that affects countless individuals globally, sparking conversations about awareness, prevention, and support for victims of domestic abuse.

Despite the trauma she endured, Patricia Noah has shown remarkable resilience, and her experience has undoubtedly contributed to raising awareness and initiating important conversations about domestic violence.

Her courage in sharing her story has helped many others find strength and support in similar circ*mstances.

Patricia Noah Had Two More Sons With Her Ex-husband Abel Shingange

It is important to emphasize that Patricia Noah’s marriage to Abel Shingange was not all doom and gloom. The former couple welcomed two more children, both sons, together.

Their first son’s name is Andrew Shingange, and their second son’s is Isaac Shingange. Not much is known about Patricia’s younger sons, including their date of birth and what they are up to.

Also, it is crucial to mention that while Trevor did not think much of his stepfather Abel, he appears to have a much more cordial familial relationship with his two younger half-brothers.

The Takeaway: What We Can Learn from Patricia Noah’s Life

Patricia Noah’s life is a testament to resilience, courage, and the power of determination. Her story, as her son Trevor Noah shares, offers invaluable lessons. Patricia faced numerous challenges, from navigating the complexities of apartheid in South Africa to overcoming an abusive marriage. Her ability to endure and thrive in the face of adversity teaches us the importance of resilience in navigating life’s toughest moments.

Despite the obstacles, Patricia demonstrated unwavering perseverance. She worked tirelessly to provide for her family, showcasing the strength found in perseverance and a relentless pursuit of better opportunities.

Education was paramount in Patricia’s life. She believed in its transformative power and sacrificed greatly to ensure her son, Trevor, had access to quality education. Her commitment underscores the significance of learning and its potential to break barriers.

Trevor often highlights his mother’s sense of humor, which she used as a coping mechanism during difficult times. Patricia’s ability to find lightness in dark situations teaches us the value of humor in overcoming challenges.

Patricia’s sacrifices for her family exemplify unconditional love. Her willingness to endure hardships for the well-being of her children leaves a lasting legacy of selflessness and devotion.

Reflecting on Patricia Noah’s life, we learn the importance of resilience, the transformative power of education, the strength found in perseverance, the healing nature of humor, and the enduring impact of love and sacrifice.

Her story inspires us, reminding us of the extraordinary strength that resides within ordinary individuals facing extraordinary circ*mstances.

The Legacy of Patricia Noah: Carried On Through Trevor’s Voice

Who is Trevor Noah’s Mom? Meet Patricia Noah (4)

Patricia Noah’s resilience, strength, and determination have left an indelible mark on her son, Trevor Noah, who carries on her legacy through his voice. Let’s quickly explore how he has honored and perpetuated his mother’s legacy through his comedic genius, activism, and storytelling.

Trevor Noah inherited his mother’s sense of humor and used it as a tool to address societal issues in a way that both entertains and educates. Patricia Noah was known for her wit and ability to find humor in even the most challenging situations.

Trevor, too, has mastered the art of using comedy to shed light on social injustices, racism, and political corruption. By doing so, he continues his mother’s legacy of challenging societal norms and promoting dialogue.

Patricia Noah was a woman of stories, and she instilled in Trevor the power of storytelling. She taught him the importance of sharing one’s own experiences to foster understanding and empathy. Trevor’s memoir, “Born a Crime,” is a testament to this.

In this book, he recounts his childhood growing up in apartheid South Africa and the challenges he faced as a mixed-race child. By sharing his story, Trevor not only honors his mother’s legacy but also gives a voice to those who have been marginalized and silenced.

Another way Trevor Noah carries on his mother’s legacy is through his advocacy for social justice causes. Patricia Noah was a strong advocate for equality and fought against the injustices of apartheid.

Trevor has continued this fight through his work on “The Daily Show,” where he fearlessly confronts political leaders and highlights issues of racial inequality, police brutality, and discrimination. By using his platform to shine a light on these issues, Trevor amplifies his mother’s voice and furthers her legacy of social activism.

Patricia Noah embraced her Xhosa heritage and instilled in Trevor a deep appreciation for his own cultural identity. Trevor’s comedy often reflects his experiences growing up in a multicultural society and navigating the complexities of race.

He uses his platform to challenge stereotypes and promote understanding and acceptance. By celebrating his cultural heritage, Trevor honors his mother’s legacy of embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity.

Trevor Noah understands the importance of giving back to the community, a value he learned from his mother. Patricia Noah was a woman of service, always finding ways to help others despite the challenges she faced.

Trevor continues this tradition by actively supporting charitable organizations, particularly those focused on education and youth empowerment in South Africa. By investing in the future of his country, Trevor not only honors his mother’s legacy but also creates a lasting impact on the lives of others.

Overall, the legacy of Patricia Noah lives on through her son, Trevor Noah, who carries her spirit, strength, and determination in his voice.

Through comedy, storytelling, advocacy, embracing cultural identity, and philanthropy, Trevor honors his mother’s legacy and uses his platform to promote social change and equality.

Patricia Noah’s influence on Trevor’s life has shaped him into the influential figure he is today, and his commitment to continuing her legacy is a testament to the enduring power of a parent’s love and teachings.

Influence On Trevor Noah’s Career

Who is Trevor Noah’s Mom? Meet Patricia Noah (5)

Patricia Noah’s influence on Trevor’s life has been nothing short of profound. As his strict, demanding, faithful, and loving mother, Patricia has played a vital role in shaping Trevor’s character and career.

First and foremost, Patricia instilled in Trevor a strong sense of faith. She gave him an education and protection and taught him the importance of belief in God. This foundation of faith has guided Trevor throughout his life, providing him with strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Furthermore, Patricia’s generosity knows no bounds. She not only gave financial support to her parents but also provided endless personal and financial resources to her abusive ex-husband.

This selflessness and willingness to give back to others has undoubtedly influenced Trevor’s philanthropic endeavors. He has used his platform and success to raise awareness and support various social causes, including education and healthcare initiatives in South Africa.

However, Patricia’s influence extends beyond her acts of giving. She has also taught Trevor the importance of self-care and personal ambition. Before giving back to others, Patricia prioritizes her own needs and constantly works towards achieving her goals.

This drive and determination have undoubtedly inspired Trevor to pursue his dreams and strive for excellence in his career.

In terms of parenting style, Patricia has demonstrated adaptability. She listens to Trevor’s opinions and encourages him to have his own point of view, fostering his independence and critical thinking skills.

However, she also shares her reasoning and stands firm when she disagrees, teaching Trevor the importance of standing up for what he believes in.

One notable aspect of Patricia’s parenting is her ability to let Trevor fend for himself when she believes he will learn from it. This tough-love approach has taught Trevor valuable life lessons and instilled in him a sense of resilience and self-reliance.

However, Patricia is always quick to come to his aid when he is in danger, showcasing her unwavering love and protection.

Overall, Patricia Noah’s story has profoundly impacted Trevor’s life, career, and social endeavors. Her unwavering love, strength, and guidance have shaped him into the compassionate, driven, and successful individual he is today.

Through her faith, generosity, adaptability, and tough love, Patricia has instilled in Trevor the values and qualities that have propelled him to become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and a champion for social change.

Patricia Noah Still Lives In Johannesburg, South Africa

According to more than a handful of sources, Patricia Noah still lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

However, there isn’t sufficient information to confirm whether she still runs a business or is enjoying retirement with her husband, Sfiso Xhoza, whom she allegedly married in 2009, two years after the gunshot incident that nearly took her life.


Who is Patricia Noah?

Patricia Noah is the mother of South African-born comedian Trevor Noah. She is a Xhosa native and only came to fame through the success of her son Trevor.

What happened to Trevor Noah’s mom?

Trevor Noah’s mother, Patricia Noah, survived a gunshot wound to the head by her ex-husband Abel Shingange. This was after a long history of domestic abuse.

Why did Patricia have Trevor Noah?

Patricia Noah had Noah as an act of defiance during apartheid. She also raised him primarily on her own, teaching him to be assertive, creative, and independent.

Where is Patricia Noah Now?

According to more than a handful of sources, Patricia Noah still lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Why did Patricia name her child Trevor?

Patricia named her child Trevor because it was not a common name in South Africa then,, and no one in their lineage bears the name. In Trevor’s words, his mother didn’t want her child beholden to any fate.

What is Trevor’s relationship with his mother, Patricia, like?

Patricia was a strict parent to Trevor, and she raised him to be assertive, which often led to them having arguments and banters over letters. But he is closer to his grandmother.

Who is Trevor Noah’s Mom? Meet Patricia Noah (2024)


Who is Trevor Noah’s Mom? Meet Patricia Noah? ›

Patricia Noah is a strong and caring mom who faced tough times in South Africa. She's known for her bravery in speaking out against the corrupt apartheid regime in her country.

How does Trevor's mother Patricia influence his identity? ›

Patricia serves as a role model for Trevor through her strength, independence, and unwavering love. She teaches him the importance of self-belief, hard work, and perseverance. Her actions and values shape Trevor's understanding of what is possible and motivate him to strive for a better future.

What is the relationship between Trevor and Patricia? ›

Patricia is Trevor's strict, demanding, faithful, and loving mother. All of the major characters in this book have contradictory aspects of their personalities and are able to pivot in extreme circ*mstances, perhaps none more so than Patricia.

Why didn't Trevor want Patricia to marry Abel? ›

Patricia did not fit in with Abel's family, who expected women to be subservient to men. Trevor saw that he and his mother were slowly losing their independence. Abel did not like his wife to be at church all day on Sundays, and he refused to drive Trevor and Patricia to visit Trevor's father.

What does the dialogue between Trevor and his mom reveal about them as individuals? ›

- The way they interact, listen, and respond to each other can reveal the dynamics of their relationship. - It could show the level of trust, understanding, or conflict between Trevor and his mom. - The dialogue might highlight moments of connection, misunderstanding, or growth in their relationship.

How did Trevor's parents meet? ›

Trevor Noah has a deep love and respect for his parents, Patricia and Robert Noah. The pair first met while living in the same apartment building in downtown Johannesburg. Patricia, who is Black, was secretly living in a flat owned by a White man, and Robert, a Swiss-German restaurateur, was residing across the hall.

What is the relationship between Trevor and his mother? ›

The bond between Trevor Noah and his mother, Patricia, is one of profound love, admiration, and mutual respect. Patricia's nurturing spirit and her sense of humor played a pivotal role in shaping Trevor's comedic talent and unique perspective on life.

Did Trevor actually love Patricia? ›

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

During this time, Trevor develops feelings for her and admits that he loves her. Patricia never tries to escape while being held captive and spends her time cleaning Trevor's trailer and working on his garden.

Why is Patricia so strict with Trevor? ›

Patricia explained that she was so hard on Trevor because she loved him, and that the world would try to kill him.

What did Trevor Noah's mother do? ›

Did Abel ever hit Trevor? ›

Why did Abel hit Trevor the first time? he forged his mom's signature on a school document when he was in Grade 6 at Maryvale. How many children does Patricia have with Abel? What bold move does Patricia make when Abel hits her with a bicyle?

Why did Patricia name her son Trevor? ›

This expectation was given to Patricia even in her name— “She Who Gives Back.” When Patricia gave a name to her son, she intentionally chose one with no Biblical or familial ties—“Trevor.” Patricia made sure Trevor had a way to free his mind, and she fostered in her son a love of reading and thinking.

What happens to Trevor's mom? ›

Philips was sentenced to prison for an unknown amount of time. It is also unknown what she was sentenced for, but it could possibly be related to drugs, as Mrs. Philips appears to be a Deludamol addict. She mentions that Trevor never wrote or visited her during her stay in prison, much to her disappointment.

How did Patricia influence Trevor? ›

Beyond reading, Patricia also engaged Trevor in conversations about the world around them. She would ask him questions about what he was learning in school and challenge him to think deeper about issues. This helped Trevor to develop his own opinions and to think critically about the world around him.

Why did Abel shoot Patricia in the head? ›

Unlike after his previous episodes of violent abuse, Abel shows no signs of remorse but also remains emotionally level; his attempt to kill Patricia is not a crime of passion but rather one of cold, calculated vengeance, because he believes he has been denied his due (an obedient family).

What lesson did Patricia teach Trevor? ›

Patricia spent a lot of time teaching Trevor how men should interact respectfully and effectively with women.

How does Patricia Noah's parenting of Trevor reflect this belief? ›

Explanation: Patricia Noah's parenting of Trevor reflects the belief that a knowledgeable man is a free man because she encourages Trevor to pursue education and knowledge. She believes that education is the key to freedom and success.

What lessons did Trevor's mom teach him? ›

In addition to encouraging Trevor to read, Trevor's mother also encouraged him to talk about the world in which they lived. She helped him establish his own ideas and taught him how to think critically by interrogating him about various topics and pushed him to think more deeply about those topics.

Why does Trevor's mother choose Trevor as his name? ›

Explanation and Analysis:

When it was time to pick my name, she chose Trevor, a name with no meaning whatsoever in South Africa, no precedent in my family. It's not even a Biblical name. It's just a name. My mother wanted her child beholden to no fate.

What did Trevor Noah's mother do for him? ›

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